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How to calibrate the scanner ?

To calibrate your scanner, you need the calibration sheet provided inside the package.

If you don't have it anymore, you can download the PDF attached to this article.

Calibrating the Scanner

Note: If the scanned images are too dark or too bright, you may need to calibrate your scanner by adjusting the white light balance. Follow the below steps to perform calibration:

  1. Take out the micro SD card from the scanner.
  2. Turn on the scanner by pressing the Enter button.
  3. Press and hold JPG/PDF , then tap and release the Enter button.
  4. Release both buttons when you see the message "1. Insert the calibration sheet" pop up on LCD screen.
  5. Insert the white balance calibration sheet. The scanner will start scanning the calibration card.
    During the scanning process, it will stop for a while, while, the message "2. Calibration in progress!" appears on screen. 
  6. Wait for about 40 seconds, the scanner will continue to finish scanning the rest of the card.
  7. When the message "3. Calibration completed!" pops up on the LCD, calibration is completed.
    Press any button to power off the scanner.


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