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How do I improve the recognition?

Here are some tips to improve handwritten text recognition:

- Add names, acronyms, and personal words to the handwriting-recognition dictionary so that the software recognizes them.

- Practice writing with your IRISnotes™ so that you learn what the software likes and dislikes.

- Try to write at a normal speed.

- Complete each letter.

- Write capital letters larger than lowercase letters.

- Write characters in the correct relationship to the writing line. For example, write "°" and "–" well above the baseline, and write "o" and "_" low and close to the writing line.

- Write wide characters wide and narrow characters narrow. For example, write "0" and "t" narrowly, and write "O" and "+" widely.

- Use lined paper. Writing in a horizontal line greatly improves the accuracy of your handwriting recognition.

- When writing letters, ensure that parts of a letter are connected appropriately. For example, when writing the letter "k," be sure that the "l" and the "<" are connected.

- Use cursive letters or printed letters. Avoid stylistic writing, such as all capital letters.

- Write as consistently as possible. Try to use the same size and shape each time you write a letter or character.

- Leave some space between words. Try not to overlap letters or characters.

- Write punctuation right after a word rather than on a new line.

- Don't hyphenate a word that doesn't fit on a line. Instead, write the entire word on a new line. (Hyphenating a word will not piece it back together).

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