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How do I calibrate my IRISCan Book 3 (Executive)?

This procedure should only to be used if the scanner is not working properly, not before first use :

  1. Clean the CIS glass on the bottom using a clean cloth.
  2. Power on the scanner.
    It is not required to insert an SD card.
  3. Make sure the Wifi button (beside Resolution button) is set on "Off"
  4. Put the scanner on a blank A4 paper.
  5. Press and hold the Color/mono JPG/PDF and Resolution buttons and press the Scan button one time.
    The LCD screen displays 1111 and the ERR led lights up meaning the scanner went into calibration mode.
  6. Release all buttons but keep the scanner on the blank page for about 2.5 minutes.
    The LCD screen will then display 2222.
  7. Press the Scan button once again and keep sliding the scanner over the blank page for about 7 seconds.
    The red led turns off and the LCD screen displays 3333.
  8. Keep on sliding the scanner until is powers off automatically.

After the above processing, the calibration is completed and turns off the scanner.  When you switch on the scanner again, it will work properly.

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